Quadra System is an organization that is constantly learning as it evolves. In line with this, our environment is that of constructive dissidence and learning oriented openness. The adjectives that best describe the environment are: Humility, Positivism and Commitment. We are driven by a basic belief that defines everything we do: �Our Customers and Employees are both our Top and Bottom Lines�. environment of openness to give and receive feedback, to improve everyday by continuous learning and by all this, to partner with the end-customer by adding value with every touch. All this adds up to an To foster such an environment some of the many initiatives that have taken root are:Open Houses To enable you to get up-to-date status on business and also a forum for Quadra System. Software to air concerns and issues.Of course, each open house is loaded with welcoming the new recruits, the reward and recognition accorded to outstanding contributors and loads of fun. Transparent Performance Management System Each Quadra System�s goals are set at the beginning and frequent feedback sessions held. The performance recording is done for every project/assignment at suitable periodicity. For individual contributor and early managerial roles we use a MBO and Rating Scale Combination whereas for senior and top Managers we use the Balanced Scorecard Method. The whole system is digitized and requires clear documentation on performance parameters. This enables Quadra System to build on strengths and capture improvement opportunities and trainings.