Quadra System is an outsourcing software development company in India, Delhi offering offshore IT consulting services, software development, outsourcing software development, software solutions and custom software development. Who are we? We were established in early 2008 and through the years, have helped and partnered with reputed brands, startup ventures, and offshore companies to help them realize their solution requirements and deliver them effectively and efficiently. Our core competency lie in custom software development on ASP.Net, open source, customized macros, web 2.0 etc. As an offshore custom software development company, we understand that technical competency is an absolute necessity but in today's business scenario - understanding the needs and desires of our customers is of even greater importance. Technical competence is pretty much available but understanding business and marketing concepts is not and that's what makes us different because we provide both. Our custom software solutions like offshore web site design and mobile solutions including offshore outsourcing custom software development, beef you up with latest technologies. Why our company?: Many businesses have started outsourcing to us, as a strategic initiative to cut costs and to have access to intellectual capital not available in-house. But before doing that they all asked some similar questions like, who, what, why, when and where. And all of them had the same answer, Quadra System.